Sunday, June 18, 2017

 Lake Seneca-Memorial for fallen U.S. soldiers
 Seneca Falls NY  Home of the first woman's rights convention-1848
Standing by the Erie Canal
Day 11 of my ride to Boston. Today's trek took me from Canadaigua NY. to Syracruse New York. While the distance was only 70 miles there were still plenty of challenging hills to overcome. Weatherwise, it was another perfect day. The temperature was a mere 90 degrees and the wind was not particularly favorable. But it is what it is. I had plenty of water and enough gears on the bike to handle the conditions. This section of the ride takes us around Seneca Lake to Seneca... Falls NY. I do not mean to insult your intelligence but I will remind the readers Seneca Falls was the site of the first womans rights convention in July of 1848. While there many others this was the first. There are many websites to describe the events as this historical site.
The second point of interest was riding past the Erie Canal Park .Boat rides are stilled offered on that part of the canal which their historical society managed to renovate. Because I had already taken the boat trip in 09 I stopped just long enough to gulp down two glasses of their delicious lemonade.
I took a lilttle more time enjoying the scenery today as it is changing from farm land to wooded, hilly terrain. Until I reach the mountains looming ahead this type of terrain will be the norm. Looking forward to it.
Tomorrow looks like it will be a rain event. The route takes me from Syracuse to Herkimer;  named after the famous American Revolutionary General Nicholas Herkimer,. Oops, there I go again with that history stuff.

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