Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Actually took a week off the bike except for a two hour spin on the stationary bike at the fitness center at the hotel. A week in New Orleans was my excuse. There were not many opportunities for outdoor biking. And besided, it would have interrupted my carousing, partying and general roudiness Saw this guy in the bar. He looked despondant so I asked him "why the long face?"
Windy, windy, windy. Biked outside yesterday in 18 mph gusting to 25 mph wind. Swore I would not bike in those conditions again but I figured what the heck? The temperature was 80 degrees and the forecast for later this week is rain and cold. If I didn't go I may not have been able to ride outside the rest of the week. On a positive note, while it was grueling riding into the wind, when I turned around it was great. Wind noise was not evident until I hit 30 mph. All in all a good day. Hank's bike arrived and it is being assembled at the local bike shop. Looking forward to seeing him in June.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I violated one of my riding rules; Sunday is a rest day.  Monday through Thursday were inside rides, but Friday was an outdoor fifty miler so I felt I had put in enough miles for the week.  Yet, it was so nice outside, today, with virtually no wind and temperature in the 60's, I decided to ride.  Also, I looked at the forecast for next week and it looks like it will rain most of the week.   My only decision, then, was not if I were going to ride, but how far to go.  Feeling ambitious, motivated, and a little frisky off I went.  Todays route took me to one of my favorite places; the public square in Leroy.  And yes, I have ridden there many times, usually to visit a re hydration station; DJ's.  But since DJ's is not open on Sundays, the town square would have to do.  It was a 55 mile jaunt with no helping wind but it was a good ride with no near misses, dog attacks, punctures, or other impediments.  Looking forward to more good days so I can revert back to my usual Sunday rest.