Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Finished riding the hills of southern Illinois and lo and behold I did it again.  Another turnover on my bike computer. If I go another tenth of a mile it reverts to 0.  Doesn't have a 10,000 mile number.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Rode my last century of the season today.  Washington to Champaign il. 102 miles.  A very odd thing on this ride.  Two stretches of rt. 150 that used to have comfortable shoulders now have "rumble strips" carved into them. The first runs from Bloomington to LeRoy and the second is from Mahomet to Champaign.  What is that all about. Perfectly fine shoulders where bikers could ride safely now have rumble strips grooved into them.  The only reason I can see for this phenom is it is for distracted drivers.   That is, because the law will not stop drivers of vehicles from texting and using their cell phones, to keep them safer, rumble strips will alert them when they wonder off the road.  To hell with anyone else who might use them.  What that does is it forces me to ride on the road instead of the shoulder.  Cars who now pass must give me at least 3 feet and I am entitled to the entire lane.  I could use all county roads on my ride,  but I would be accused by the "moron from Sunnyland" of being an "Isis of Rural Roads.
Closing in on another 10,000 miles recorded on the bike computer.