Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 7 of my ride to Boston. Of all the riding days of this trip, today was absolutely the best. The weather was perfect 80 degrees, no humidity, and light winds. Hopefully this weather pattern continues. Our travels today took us from Niles OH. to Erie PA. While there were a few steep hills, the terrain was relatively flat. It was a 90 mile ride it seemed like only around 87or 88. Ha, a little humor here. The landscape is becoming more wooded but there are still quite a few corn and bean fields. Not much diversity in the terrain. Riding the county and state roads it occurred to me, as it did in the 09 trip cross country ride, that the farms and towns far from the interstates reflect the real America. At some point take a trip from point A to point B using these roads. Don't be in a hurry. Stop in the small burgs and enjoy coffee and conservation with the locals. It is well worth the experience. Two highlights of todays ride illustrate this.
First was the small grocery/gas station at the corner of SR. 37 and rt 7 near Conventient OH. My riding group stopped for some beverages and rest. It had a small table and two chairs outside so we took our time and enjoyed the view. Across the street was a fresh fruit stand. I decided to go see what was available. Fresh strawberries, melons, asparagus and other assorted veggies was being offered. Overcoming my usual shyness, I started a dialog with the owner. Great lady. Sarah lived in the nearby trailer and we discussed many topics. Mainly she shared that the intersection by the stand had many accidents where people were killed. While the state did install yellow flashing lights, a four way stop sign was needed. I said there are areas around Washington with the same problem. So we shared a common experience. Cool.
And, I got to meet her dog Alice Chalmers. She loved to be petted so I obligded. The dog was 15 years old an not long for this world. Sarah indicated she knew, but savored there time together. Glad I stopped to get to know her.
After a bit it was time to move on. The second highlight of the trip was the Root Beer stand. That was my second visit to the place but in 09 I didn't stay long as it was rainy and cold. Today I lingered and enjoyed conversation locals at this place. In fact, one of the people informed me that he and four friends had ridden across had ridden across America in 1977. After leaving, the state line of Pennsylvania was a mere mile away. After a photo op, the rest of the way to Erie was uneventful. But a great day for riding a bicycle across America.
Rest day in Erie. Going to Niagra Falls.
Thishis is the first time I put a complete description on Facebook with photo album. The reason is that many followers do not have facebook and use my blog as their source Now a little help from my friends. Many facebook friends say theyof facebook they cannot share this. As a longtime user of the media, I still do not know how to do this. Any help would be grateful.


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