Monday, November 24, 2014

All biking is inside at the rec center.  However, just heard on the weather that next week it will be in the mid 60's.  Even with a stiff wind I will try to do a ride in the great outdoors.  The above picture is from the new technology for bicycles.  Depending on cost I might try those tires.  Hoping for a warm-up.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Last of the 100 mile rides of the season.  Rode to Champaign and the temp did not get above 45 degrees.  A little to uncomfortable for me.  Also, another valuable lesson.  After my usual stop in Bloomington, about 40 miles, for my usual Gatorade and energy bar I warmed sufficiently and proceeded on my journey.  As I got on the bike the cool wind that greeted me made me realize every time I stopped I would  freeze until I built up body heat.  Not a very enviable proposition.  Therefore, I decided to ride the rest of the way without stopping.  60 miles of non-stop pedaling took its toll.  Because I realize that the older I get, the more wuzzy I get, this will be the last of the centuries for the season unless a 60 degree day with other weather stipulations happens.
On another note, I am utterly amazed that in the year 2014 many farmers still engage in full till farming.  That is, they turn the soil until the remains of the previous years crop are fully turned leaving the black top soil exposed to the elements.  This results in erosion of the topsoil which runs into the rivers and streams of the area.  I have spoken to many farmers about this and most cannot believe some still engage in this process.  Hopefully, government interference will not be necessary to stop this wasteful behavior.