Monday, June 12, 2017

Day 5 Marysville to Wooster OH.  97 miles but completed only 37.  One of the best bike mechanics ever, Larry, identified my tires as worn and possibly near failure.  Replace them as soon as possible.  That same conclusion was supported by the bike mechanic at the Wooster bike shop.   I did risk riding  the first leg of the trip but "bumped" into town to purchase two new tires.  Now, before you think I'm a total idiot for starting a 1,200 mile with worn tires, remember they were brand new when I purchased the bike about two months ago.  Who would have imagined they could have worn out in that short of time.  But, it's not the time element it's the distance.  With all the training I did and with the amount we have ridden so far, the tires have about 2,000 miles on them.  That is about the life of that particular tire.  I now have new ones in place and am eager to continue the ride to Boston. 
Not meaning to jinx the journey but the weather has been great.  No rain, blue sky's and favorable winds.  Hope to continue in this weather pattern.  Tomorrow we ride from Wooster to Niles OH. a total of 92 miles.
Downtown Wooster OH.
Biking down the country roads


  1. compared to XC09 do you feel weaker, stronger or about the same when you are biking or is it too early to tell ?

    1. much stronger with better equipment. But all the riders are very strong. No weakies here. The racehorses Darrel, Jim, Jack, average about 20 mph. They are so fast at Harry's group go out with the "dawn patrol"