Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 10 of the Boston ride. The trek today took me from Hamburg NY to Canadaigua NY. A total of 94 miles. Again the weather cooerated. While the temp may have been a little high, 89 degrees, and the wind was not favorable, it was great day to ride a bicycle across America.
Today began with hills. After that, there were more hills. And then then when you thought the hills had ended, more hills. I was grateful for these, and by hills I am talking some as steep as 10-12 percent grade. As the day wore on, the hills seemed to get longer and steeper. Great, I am preparing for the mountains. Not much more to describe here since I didn't see much of the country side since I had my head down grinding up the "hills" Tomorrows jaunt takes us to Syracuse NY. a mere total of 70 miles.
 Looking for my next new bike.  Maybe this one
Rest stop with the gury
 Hummm wonder what this does
 Memorial to Civil War vets in Avon NY
Neat abandon house along highway 20a

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