Thursday, October 27, 2016

Todays ride was my typical 40 miler.  While it was cool, 50 degrees, the wind was a mild 6-7 mph from the NNW.  However, for the first time in my riding experience I encountered a first.  Looking ahead on the country road I saw an object that I couldn't immediately identify.  As I got closer I was surprised to see a cow in the middle of the road.  Hoping it would not turn and charge me I turned on my bike camera.  Fortunately, the animal turned and began sprinting down the road.  I have never seen a cow run full speed.  It was hilarious.  When it reached the end of the fence line it turned and ran into a barn.  While I have encountered many animals on my many bike treks, this was my first cow.  All ended well and I went about my business.
  On another note, it looks like I will be buying a new bike.  It is a newer version of my Cannondale Synapse.  Looking forward to the new ride.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Completed my eighth century ride since April from Washington to Champaign..  It turned out to be a beautiful day and as I was riding I wondered if things would continue to be so good.  I don't know if I tempted fate by thinking negative thoughts but of course after entertaining those thoughts a bit of bad karma reared its ugly head.  First, my bike computer stopped working.  I always like to see a summary of my rides when they are over.  After stopping and trying to fix the problem, it still would not work.  And, at this time it is still inoperable.  No clue.  So a visit to the bike shop is in the near future.
Secondly, as I entered the last 15 miles of the trip I saw a sign that indicated the road was closed ahead.  This was a route that I have taken many times so I continued down the road assuming I would just walk through the construction zone as I have done many times at different locations on my many rides.  Another biker was coming in the opposite direction and I asked him if the workers let him through the construction.  He said they would not and I would have to take an alternate route.  I had to ride four miles out of my way to detour around the work zone.  The good news is that I made another biker friend in the process.  So, I concluded, that when doing my distance rides, keep those negative thoughts out of my head and not let bad karma enter my domain.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Great week of riding.  Started with my 35 mile ride on the hills of southern Illinois.  Then a 55 miler to Leroy at about 17 mph.  Wednesday was a speed ride of 40 miles followed by two day in the rec center due to bad weather.  Not bad for an old man.  Still thinking about doing the Champaign to Boston leg of the 2017 cross country group.  Remains to be seen but leaning in that direction.  More later.