Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holidays ending.  Looking forward to riding West Palm Beach Florida to Key West at the end of January.  In my local bike shop today and a biker came in to check if they were going to do a New Years Day ride.  He was all decked out in his biking gear.  After he left he proceeded to hop on his bike and head out.  One big problem as we saw it.  The temperature was 11 degrees with a brisk north wind.  Most of us have been called crazy but one of the employees described this as crossing the line into stupidity.  I would have to agree!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ahh.  The forecast for today was 58 degree temp, cloudy, no chance of rain and wind from the South at 5-10 mph.  Started my ride at 12:30 pm knowing it would be the "heat of the day".  Actual weather; 45 degree temp, wind from the South at 10-15 mph.  At the 20 mile point of a 40 mile ride a heavy fog set in.  Visibility was less than a half mile.  Then it started to drizzle.  Because of the lousy weather I turned and headed for home hoping I was visible enough in the fog.  Only made 30 miles.  My point?  Why in the hell can't weather forecasters be a little more accurate.  How hard would it have been to predict FOG!  Of all the weather conditions fog is one I have the hardest time biking through.  As hard as it is to see bikers in normal weather, when riding in fog you are virtually invisible until the approaching vehicle is upon you.  So, to the weather folks I say a heart felt BITE ME!!  There, said and done.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The book is done and heading to the editor.  More info when I get it back