Sunday, July 13, 2014

Riding my bicycle to Champaign earlier this week (102 miles) a couple of observations. First, it appears the Asian Beetle infestation in the corn fields of central Illinois is over. Those kamikaze dives into my face and various other body parts were non-existant; much to my delight. Secondly, it's good to see some traditions are still alive. Empty bottles still litter the sides of the county and state roads. Coke remains the soft drink champion and Budwieser products remain number one in the alcohol division. Tradition, gotta love it. For my non-literate readers that last statement was sour cazm (sp?!)
On another note, a friend from Chicago talked me into doing the Fat Tire Ride in Geneva Wisc.  I have ridden across the country, biked from Portland Maine to Daytona Florida,  logged 10,000 miles last year and yet believe this will be the most difficult of any of my previous endeavors.  It's a 20.5 mile trek around Lake Geneva with a stop every two miles.  There is a bar/tavern at each stop.  I believe the only person I know who could reasonably accomplish this feat is Harry Crompton.  But I will do my best and drink water or tea at each stop.  Perhaps another example of sour cazm!!