Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 13 bike trip to Boston. Today took me from Herkimer NY to Albany NY. a trip of about 80 miles. And wow, what a great day to ride a bicycle across America. Anticipating rain as per the weather channel, I was prepared to get wet for the second day in a row. But, by the time I started riding, not only was there no rain but the weather was perfect. Low 70's, no humidity with a favorable wind made this one of the best treks of the journey.
Following the confluance of the Mohawk River, in the Mohawk valley the scenery was extraordinary. To my right  the river flowed with verdant valleys, farms and houses displaying the natural beauty of the area. To my left were hills covered with greenary, family housing and various businesses. Mixed along the route were small iconic towns that reflect the history of the area. Examples are Schenectady settled in 1661 and Little Falls in 1723 to name a few. What I like most about these places is they were established before the American Revolution. Oops, there I go again with the history thing.
As much as I enjoyed riding my bicycle in these conditions I had forgotten what I had in store for me. About 5 miles from my destination in Albany I was greeted with steep and long hills that challenged my ability to climb them. Remember, I had already ridden 73 miles so it was even more difficult. But the good news, as a flatlander, I eventually conquered them without using the last of my "granny" gears, I'm saving it for tomorrows ride throught the mountains. And yes, I rode them during the 09 cross country ride I recall they were as difficult back then. The years have not eroded the grade of the slope.
Tomorrow I ride from Albany to Brattleborro VT. 

 Hills along the Mohawk River Valley
Riding Crew, Tom, Tony, Harry
 Harry and me
Mohawk River from road

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