Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still riding outside and its October 19th. I suspect outdoor riding will be done shortly as winter sets in. But until it happens the weather is perfect for biking. In fact, I just finished a 55 miler to LeRoy. And, as usual, Doris, who owns my destination establishment was waiting with vital refreshment liquids. While she hasn't revealed her age, and without insulting her, she is in her mid to late 70's. She does a great job running the place without much help.
Last week I took a group of bicyclist to Goodfield. It was the second in the series of rides sponsored by the Washington Park District. While it was only 30 miles, the people who joined had a good time. It was an absolute perfect day to bike. The weather was in the low 70's with very little wind. In fact, I broke my rule on rides and actually ate lunch. I normally will only indulge in liquids until after the trip but it was such an easy ride I felt it wouldn't interfere with my ability to ride. I'm still trying to convince my wife, the lovely Veronica, to drive an RV and accompany me to ride the Great Alaskan highway. As late as it is for this season, it looks like Spring will be the earliest I can do this trip. I have most of it plotted and now the only obstacle is to convince my wife to join me. I would enjoy her company on the trip but I am not opposed to doing it solo.
On another note, my good friend Teddy Herrera is in Savannah Georgia in his attempt to traverse the country supporting the need to address Childhood Obesity in this country. From earlier posts, Teddy has ridden from Sacramento to Boston. He is headed to Miami Florida and will complete his trip in March by riding back to Sacramento: 11,000 miles. As I have stated previously, this makes my cross country ride pale in comparison. I wish him all the luck in the world.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Prepping for the weekend ride. Saturday I take a group to lunch at Goodfields Busy Corners Cafe. It used to actually be on the corner of Route 150 and 116. However, it has moved down the street into a new building and is no longer on the corner. Perhaps they should change their name to Down the Street Cafe. It would make more sense. Ha, I jest. They can call it whatever they want and they still serve the best rhubarb pie ever. For non-local followers they actually make a pie from rhubarb. If prepared correctly it is quite tasty. I believe it is an acquired taste. Anyway, anyone who would like to join the ride, it begins at Russells Cycle Shop. We leave at 11:00 a.m. It is about a 40 mile ride but, as I have already stated, we stop for lunch in Goodfield. Our route will be ridden exclusively on county roads so traffic will be minimal. The only thing that could present problems are the tractors, combines and grain trucks taking product to the elevators. However, they always give bikers a wide birth because they know the dangers implicit with slow moving vehicles.
All levels are welcome and we ride to accommodate the slowest biker. The ride, including lunch, will take approximately three hours and Russells is providing a mechanic in case of problems.
Looking forward to the ride this Saturday.