Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 6 of the Boston adventure.  Today's ride took me from Wooster OH to Niles OH a total of 92 miles.  The weather was perfect with favorable winds.  Even though it reached 95 degrees at least it wasn't 100.  To relieve the heat a thunderstorm passed us and provided a well needed respite from the heat.  Two highlights from the ride stand out.  First, as one of the objectives of doing something of this nature is to interact with the locals to get a feel of the unique properties of the towns and areas we ride through.  The stop in Fulton Canal OH. at the local coffee shop exemplified this.  The folks in charge were personable and accommodating.  Providing delicious coffee and drinks to a very thirsty group of cyclists exemplified this objective.  After an extended stay our group once again hit the road.   The day ride included approximately 4,000 feet of climb.  Combining that with the heat and made it a challenging but enjoyable experience.  Near the second SAG,  I noticed storm clouds approaching.  The good news is we outran it to the SAG.  Better news was there was a nice diner where the other riders in my group dined as the thunderstorm passed us.  It was a godsend because it temporarily broke the heat that was sapping my strength. 
The second event that stands out is about 10 miles from the end of the ride the route took me down a bike path.  It is one of the best I have ever ridden.  Smooth, asphalt surface with green covering made it a very enjoyable experience.  Many animals could be seen from the bike path the most notable a snake trying to traverse the path.  A nice way to end a great day of riding. 
Tomorrow is a mere 79 mile trip to Erie PA. 
 Harry buying coffee at the café.
Rain at the SAG
Tony and Harry an the Speakeasy
Bike train near Niles
Snake on the trail

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