Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day 3 Champaign to Boston.  Another great day for riding a bicycle across Indiana.  The weather was perfect with high 80's and a favorable wind.  Todays venture started in Indy and ended in Richmond Indiana: a total of 75 miles.  Nothing exceptional in terms of landscape but as we passed one particular farm a pungent smell emanated from the property.  I asked my fellow British riders if they knew what the smell was.  They assured me they did but I had to explain that the nasty fecal odor was the "smell of money".  They understood the implication and we rode on.
The unique circumstance of our trip today was the amount of construction we had to detour around. (I think that's redundant but what the heck)  While they presented little problem for me, the riders attempting EFI would absolutely ride the detour route as opposed to walking their bikes across the construction site as many of us did.   So, it was interesting watching Harry riding every detour and in one instance created his own.  EFI baby!
The highlight for me was the stop we made in the small burg of Hagerstown.  As we rode through it looked a ghost town.  Very few people were visible.  In fact Tom stated "you could roll a bowling ball down the street and not hit anybody." Spying this unique café our group stopped for some refreshments.  Various coffee and soft drinks were available so we took our time, consumed our beverage at a leisurely rate and talked with the staff member.  After an extended stay, we were once again down the road.  Arriving at the hotel I needed to give my bike a good cleaning and lubricating.  Also, I had to have my gears and rear cassette adjusted because I was having problems as they were skipping quite often.  Larry, the mechanic and general organizer resolved the issue and I am very grateful.  Here's why. 
The "vacation" is over.  For the next three days we will ride over 90 miles each day and, in fact, tomorrow is 104 miles with severe climbing.  Looking forward to the challenge.

Me, Mitzy, herdaughter, Harry, Tony and Bob.
Lounge Café.  Iconic old coffee lounge.
A shout out to Willie
Tried to trade for that cool customized motorcycle.  Cycle owner turned down the offer.

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