Friday, June 9, 2017

Fabulous day for riding a bicycle.   My route today was a serpentening  jaunt through eastern Indiana from Crawsford to Indy as we trek our way to Boston.    It was only 60 miles, the weather was great with favorable winds. While it was somewhat hilly in places, it was nothing compared to what I will experience in the coming days.   I rode with Harry, Tony, Tom and happy to say they did not leave me in their dust as I suspect they could if they had wanted.  The scenery was redundant with miles of corn and bean fields interspersed with the occasional wooded  areas.  Nothing of note to describe here but we did have our first puncture. Note I did not say flat tire.  The British contingent have convinced me that a tire punctures thus causing the flat.  I like the logic so I am adopting that nomenclature.  Punctures are not uncommon but what was unique was after the repair and we were on the road, no more than 100 yards down the road,  the same tire flatted again.  As we were repairing it one of the SAG vans happened by, stopped, and we used a regular tire pump to inflate the tire resulting in a successful end to the trip.  At the end of the day a long time friend from high school , Brian, who is home from England for an extended stay, with his brother-in-law Dale, took me to a sports bar to help in the recovery and rehydration process.   Again a great day to ride across America. 
Strawberry festival in Crawsfordsville In.
Riding with the racehorses.
Repairing puncture
Wood of eastern Indiana

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