Sunday, May 28, 2017

 In my training ride to Champaign yesterday (training for the Champaign to Boston ride) I got a flat tire just north of Bloomington on route 150. Having changed flats about a gazillion times, well maybe not that many but I could do it blindfolded, this would be a piece of cake. After replacing the tube I began filling it with CO2. I use the cartridges because it i...s usually very quick. The first one malfunctioned so I used another. It also malfunctioned. I had one left so I was about to call my emergency rescurer (the lovely Veronica) when a motorist stopped.
"You okay? You need any help?" the lady in the car inquired.
Knowing the answer before I even asked I replied "yea, do you have a bike pump?" The chances of someone stopping with a bike pump were slim to none.
"Sure, it's in my trunk."
WHAT, WHAT, WHAT? I was amazed. LIterally. This was impossible!!
She then opened the trunk of her auto and, sure enough, a large standing bicycle pump, with a gage, similar to the one I use at home was smiling at me.
After inflating my tire to it's proper level, I thanked the kind lady profusely and continued down the road.
As I was riding I was still bewildered at my good luck. First, what were the chances that anyone would stop (actually 3 motorist inquired if I needed help) and secondly of those who would stop how many carry a standing bicycle pump in the trunk of the car? They are not strong enough to inflate a car tires. I did ask and Christine, the driver who stopped, said she had used it earlier that day on her bike and was taking it to her house. Talk about luck!! Maybe I should go to the gambling boat. Anyway, a feel good story from my biking experience.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Continue training rides in preparation for the ride to Boston.  This weekend included riding the hills of southern Illinois; Carbondale to Anna.  Nice and hilly.  This week weather looks gloomy with rain predicted almost every day.  Riding on my trainer in the basement or at the rec center will be my alternative training sites.  Looking forward to the beginning of the ride.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Three weeks before Champaign to Boston ride.  Following Jim Lyle's blog and today they are in Holbrook Az.  They had a rest day in Flagstaff yesterday and Jim shares  many of his pictures.  Brought back many memories from our ride in 09.  Last week's training was mostly hills.  Did the Freddie Hill, Macinaw Hill and the two mile Germantown Hills hill.  I still haven't dropped into the last of the "granny" gears, so I think I getting close to being ready.  Looking forward to meeting those folks in Champaign.   

Friday, May 5, 2017

Tuesday was my second century in about two weeks.   Getting close to the Champaign to Boston trip.  The cross country group starts in LA on Sunday.  My training rides next week will involve mostly hills.  The steeper the better.  By the time (early June) the group gets to Champaign, I should be ready.  Looking forward to it.