Monday, June 30, 2014

                                          Maybe this will be my new biking helmet
Need to quit relying on the weather channel for weather information. Sunday rain wasn't predicted until 8:00 pm. Started my ride at 5:30. By 6:00 I was riding in a torrential downpour. Last Monday's rain I was able to stay ahead of a storm until I reached the small town of Deer Creek. Stayed at a local bar until the rain passed. And no, I didn't imbibe.  It was only 10:00 a.m.  While I'm not adverse to such things, that violates my biking protocol.  I do not drink and ride at the same time.  When I drink I drink.  When I bike I bike.  To dangerous to combine the two. 
On another note, I am recovering quite nicely from the hit and run incident a couple weeks ago.  They still have not found the bastard who knocked me off my bike at an intersection and then quickly departed the scene.  I suspect Karma will deal with that individual.  My face doesn't scare small children anymore.  Well, wait a minute.  People say it scared them before I landed on it and turned me into a zombie.  Anyway all's going well. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

After last weeks mishap, this was a very good week. The CrossRoads crew moved into Illinois and arrived in Champaign Tuesday. Got a phone call last week from Hank to inquire as to my availability to pick up Carol in Chicago. I would have been insulted if he had not requested my help. So of course Ronni and I retrieved Carol and drove her to Champaign. She is joining the support team as because one of the the crew had an emergency and had to leave early. Carol will assist to Erie. When we arrived in Champaign, Tom, Robin Rick, Jan, Ronni and myself had what is becoming a tradition....a fine dinner at Biaggis. Then some drinks in the Walker Suite. All in all a good time. Still haven't found the person who did a hit and run on me but I am recovering quite quickly. I am in the market for a helmet cam as was suggested by a few of my friends. Rode 250 miles last week and didn't get nailed by a car. Again a very good week!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Well, it happened again. About a mile into today's ride, going through an intersection, a vehicle making a left hand turn across traffic clipped my rear wheel sending me onto the sidewalk. The person who nailed me didn't stop. Just kept on going. I landed on my head and they ambulanced (I know that's not a word) me to the ER with multiple abrasions, concussion and split lip requiring stitches. I am seriously considering taking up a safer sport. Perhaps being a javelin catcher!!
Finally reached the 1000 mile mark on my bicycle. Very late this year because of the unusually long winter. Next week this years cross country crew arrives in Champaign. I will pay a brief visit to see Tracy and some of the support staff. I don't know any of the riders this year so it will be a short stay. Making plans for a ride in January. Plan on riding from West Palm Beach Florida to Key West. I noticed the Heritage Trail runs all the way from Key Largo to Key West. Anyone who would like to join me for any or part of the ride, let me know. Because I'm in no hurry, I will make it a leisurely 3 day event. More later.