Thursday, June 8, 2017

Big adventure started today.  80 mile ride from Champaign to Crawsfordsville In.  Many of the 09 riders are attending.  Jim, Willie, Harry, Tom, Darrel, Jack, and myself.  Good fortune as the weather could have not have been better.   Started out at 60 degrees and made it up to 80.  The wind,  while it was in our face, was slight so all it did was cool us off so we would not overheat as we rode. Perfect blue skies and mile after mile of corn and bean fields.  The early going was fast and furious.  The race horses stayed with the pack until about half way between Champaign and Danville then quickly separated themselves from the rest.  My attempt to keep up was a foolish attempt at being macho but was quickly squashed.  Western Indiana does have some hills but none so severe the were much of a challenge.  Even still it was a splendid ride and I am glad I decided to do this.  Now the good news,  no injuries, accidents or near misses.  My hope is the rest of the ride will be like this.  Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned
                                                   Tom and me at the start.  It was dress your helmet day.
The group at the start of the day-Dress your helmet day
Still one of my all time favorite signs outside a town
Not much diversity in the landscape so this was the best I could do.


  1. Harry is looking a little under dressed compared to 2009. do you still ride with no clip on your shoes ?

    1. No, I started using clips just before the east coast ride. I think Harry is just getting more conservative.