Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time for a biking update. No outside riding lately. Combining riding on my trainer in the basement and the stationary bike at the rec center. In my basement, I ride for an hour and a half. At the rec center I include lifting with the stationary bike for a total of two hours. These workouts allow me to eat and drink virtually anything I choose without adding pounds. On another note, oddly enough, I'm still getting requests to present my cross country trip to various organizations. I just had a request from the NHS of O'Fallon High School, near St. Louis, to present at their banquet. They asked how much I charge to do this. I told them a million dollars or nothing; their choice. Guess what they choose. While many of these organizations have offered to pay me for my presentations I would feel uncomfortable charging a monetary fee to do this.
On another note, I am real close to deciding to bike with the Cross Roads people at the reunion ride from Maine to Florida. That will put the Kabash on my Great Alaskan Highway ride but I may decide to do both. As I stated previously, time and finances will determine much of my decision. More later