Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday, I signed up for a fundraiser ride in Chicago to promote green energy. It turned out to be a beautiful day and somewhat windy but it was the first time I had ridden along Lake Shore Drive for 25 miles. I was joined by my son Christopher and his friend Cindy. It turned out to be quite an interesting experience. I had no idea that the south side of Chicago had this impressive bike trail. I will probably do more riding along Lake Michigan in the future. Also, as you can see from the picture Christopher is not wearing biking shorts rather khaki cargo pants. We who have ridden for some distance know the dangers of biking without equipment intended for that purpose. About four miles into the ride he indicated a"chaffing" sensation. I think in the future if he rides any distance, he will opt for the spandex even though it doesn't look as "cool" as regular shorts.
On another note, I'm looking forward to meeting with Wild Harry and Barbie in June as Barbie finishes her ride across the country. Hopefully, Magic Mike will join us in Champaign to have a mini reunion. Also, I'm also looking forward to the East Coast Ride in September and, as Jim reminded me, to not go into training mode too early. He is absolutely correct as I am recovering from "overuse" injuries as I write this. I will back off and begin a more reasonable training agenda later.
Also, if Lance Armstrong did indeed use EPO, how was he able to avoid detection for those 500 drug tests. (Yes, I am aware that the last entry was a non-sequitor) More later!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just finished a 40 miler to test all body parts that have been malfunctioning the last few weeks. All in all it was a good day. The wind was somewhat problematic as it was blowing from the south at 15-20 mph gusting up to 25. I also rode through the Mackinaw river valley to work on hilly terrain. My focus was to maintain a good pace without worrying about doing it at what I consider a fast pace. If I abstain from watching my computer speed, I do okay. Half way through the ride I met the boys at the Busy Corner for breakfast. I usually do not ride immediately after eating a big breakfast but two pancakes, bacon and coffee did not substantially hamper the second part of the ride. However, the wind picked up speed so half the way home I had a tailwind and the rest of the way was a substantial cross wind. Also, I am always surprised, but at this point shouldn't be, at the number of dead animals on the road. Spring is usually the time I observe the most road kill on the route I take. Today there were two possums, three deer, two skunks, three squirrels, an assortment of unidentifiable squashing and one armadillo. Okay, you caught me, I lied about the armadillo but I think that is an inordinate amount of road kill. I blame it on global warming!!
On Sunday the XC011 group started their cross country adventure in Huntington Beach. It looks like one of Tracy's smallest groups at fourteen riders. When they arrive in Champaign on the 8th of June, Barbie, who began in 09 with our group will be completing her journey to Boston with them. Wild Harry is flying in from London to join Barbie and the group. He will be riding to Boston also. I plan to ride from Champaign to Crawsfordsville IN. and possibly Indy as part of my training rides prior to the East Coast trip. As it happens, Magic Mike from the 09 group moved to Springfield Il. last week. I will attempt to have him meet us in Champaign and we will have a mini 09 reunion. Since Champaign is my hometown, I shall appoint myself host and tour some of the watering holes that most tourists are not acquainted. Obviously Bud lite must be served or Harry will be greatly disappointed. Enough for now, but the picture in this entry comes from Jim Lyle who was at the start of this years ride. I had forgotten how steep the road from the beach was but looking at the picture it brought back memories. A great way to start a 3,400 mile ride!!