Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mission accomplished. Today's temperature was mid 40's and the wind was out of the SSW at 15 mph. The forecast for the next week drops into the mid 20's so I figured I had a small window to finish my year biking 10,000 miles. 59 miles was the number of miles I needed to ride which was doable. Nearing the finish the bike computer reached 9,999.9 I was about half a block from my house. So, I stopped and carried my bike so it wouldn't turn over to 0. That was the most I had ridden in a year so next year I am going to cut back. Mission accomplished

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Still stuck on the 9,941 mile mark for the year. Weather is too harsh...6 inches of snow and -2 degrees temp. Friend said if I weren't such a wus I would bike in those conditions to get the 10,000 miles in by the end of the year. That was my goal. I must be a wus cause it ain't gonna happen unless the weather improves. Looking at getting a new bike. Possibly like the one above. Ha!! Yea, right!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Getting closer. Rode outside on Dec. 1 on my way to finish the year with having ridden 10,000 miles. Currently only 59 miles to go. When it happens I will take a picture and post it. After tomorrow the rest of the week goes to single digits with a high in the 20's. No riding on those days so if possible I will to the 59 tomorrow.