Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day 15 of ride to Boston. Today's ride was a 90 mile jaunt from Brattleboro VT. to Burlington Ma. With all the climbing from yesterdays ride I knew there would be challenging hills today. And, man was that a fact. If one were a climber with a bike this would be climber heaven. I'm a flatlander and these climbs were indeed a challenge. I just put my casset on the smallest ring and chugged along. The good news it that not one of those inclines were too much to accomplish. Riding down the descent fast was the reward for all the hard work of climbing those monsters. Passing the hilly part, the road became very busy. With little or no shoulder a biker had to be on constant alert. Enjoying the scenery was not a possibility so this particular ride was one of the most difficult. But the good news is I near the end of my ride and I had a great time. Plus, the weather has been fantastic. Today was in the middle 70"s with a favorable wind. Again, the scenery is best described in the photos.
Since tonight was the last big ride, a banquet offered a feast and sharing of the experience by each rider. Universally agreed was that the experience was more about meeting people and the interactions between them. This was followed by social interaction (partying) by many, but not all and I drag my weary carcass back to the room. If the grammer, spelling and snytax are wrong, one can understand why. 
 Harry and I crossing into New Hampshire

 Covered bridge on the road to Mass.
 Still climbing in New Hampshire
 Taking a rest from climbing to but Lemonade from kids at roadside stand

 Church in Concord MA.  Across from Concord Square
The British are coming......The British are coming.  Iconic church at Concord Square

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