Monday, June 19, 2017

Day 12 of the bike ride to Boston. Syracuse to Herkimer was a 70 mile jaunt. Per yesterday's prediction, today turned out to be a ride in the rain. As I have stated on previous occasions I do not mind riding in the rain. In fact, I prefer it to the 90 degree with high humidity we had yesterday. All in all it's good to have a diversity of weather. The better news is that the wind was favorable and the temperature was in the low 70's as the high of the day. Starting in a slight drizzle, the rain slowly subsided. It was not until with about 5 miles to go that the heavy rain started. Needless to say, by the time I arrive in Herkimer, I was drenched. At this time I will share a well known secret to keeping warm on a bike in the driving rain. Newspaper!! That's right. If rain is anticipated, simply put a section of the newspaper between your skin and your jersey. It keeps the core warm and the rest of the body responds. It works. Professional bicycle racers use this trick.
I really enjoyed today's ride as we are now entering the hills leading to the White, Green and Hampshire mountains. Green hills with the mountains in the background make it a much more scenic ride.
The highlight of the day was the stop we made at the "smallest church in America" located in the middle of an algae covered lagoon. I made the same stop in 09 and we almost missed it today. After pictures it was suggested we take the boat nearby to actually go out to the church. But in the interest of time and good sense, it was decided it was a bad idea. So, after a few snapshots we were down the road. It was a great day for riding across America and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's ride to Albany; a 78 mile distance
 Early 1900"s road grader
 Tony modeling the latest in biking apparel

 Me with the newspaper I used to keep warm
Harry relaxing near the smallest church in America

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