Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weather 78 sunny Wind NNE 5 mph
Today was one of the best riding days we have had the entire trip. While there was a slight headwind, at 5 mph it was virtually negligible. We rode from Topeka, KS to St. Joseph, MO. a total of 86 miles. It was a ride filled with historical importance. The first major town we passed through was Atchinson KS. This is the home town of what famous American female pilot.......... Times up. It was Amelia Earhart. Then, we biked along the Lewis and Clark trail. Louis and Clark are know for exploring what part of the U.S......That one is too obvious so figure it out. Finally, St. Joseph MO. is known for the beginning of what type of mail delivery system in this country. It only lasted about 18 months and was quickly replaced by the telegraph. It began in St. Joseph and finished in Sacramento CA. Hank, my roommate, lives in Sacramento but not during this time period, or so he tells me .......Times up. Pony Express. Again, an example of Americana with historical significance and for a history guy, I'm lovin' it. People have inquired when or if I will be biking through Illinois. The answer is yes. I will be in Quincy this Sunday, Springfield on Monday, and Champaign on Tuesday with Wednesday a rest day. I will be taking my bike to Russells Cycling and Fitness center on Wednesday to have a tune-up and cleaning. Tomorrows ride takes us to Chillicote MO. through the "rollers". Looking forward to it. I hear it's challenging so hopefully we will have a favorable wind.