Friday, June 16, 2017

Day 9 of the bike ride to Boston. Yesterday was day 8 and we rested in Erie PA. I took advantage of the rest to go to Niagra Falls.......Slowly I turn.....step by step.... inch by inch. Well, you know the rest. First time at the falls so, of course, I was impressed with the site. However, there were a gazillion people and I'm not much for crowds. Nevertheless, the falls and the surrounding area were very impressive. And, since I was so close to our neighbor Canada, I t...ook the time to cross the border and have lunch. It was interesting to see menus that had both Canadian and American prices. I was glad when we drove back to the states...USA.... USA..Patriotic indeed.
Today's ride took me from Erie, PA to Hamburg NY. A distance of a mere 80 miles. Again, and I hope I not jinxing us, the weather was perfect. Blue skies, mild temperature and favorable winds. Loved it. While the terrain is still relatively flat the corn/bean fields turned into mile after mile of grapevines. Yes, easten PA. and western New York are the second largest wine producing areas in the country. In fact, there are 128 winerys in the area. Nothing of note to report, but we were joined by a former 09 rider Chris Legette. It was fun having his ride with us and share what he has been doing in the years since the ride. At one of the SAGs he indicated he really missed the biking experience. In the 09 ride, he was among the strongest bikers in the group. It was an honor to have him ride with us today.
Tomorrow, we trek 94 miles from Hamburg to Canadaigua NY. Hopfully we continue our luck with the wind and weather.

 Niagra Falls

Crossing state line
Chris, 09 rider who joined us today

Eat your heart out Jim. 

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