Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friendliest town on the East Coast
Are we still in Kansas Toto
Livin the dream
Riders from the East Coast Ride=Chris and me
Riders from the East Coast ride-Doug-fine English gentleman and me
Riders from the East Coast ride-Sam and me
Day 11
Weather-cloudy and cool. Temp-61 degrees
wind-WNW 10-15 mph
As a finish to yesterday's rest day, the Rusty Rudder restaurant in Dewey Beach held their 11th annual Elvis competition. Elvis impersonators come to this event, each year from all around the country and compete for a $5,000 prize and to determine who is the best Elvis. I couldn't resist so I attended. It was fascinating. All the Elvis impersonators had great voices, used all the Elvis mannerisms (thank you very much) and dressed in thousand dollar Elvis garb. It is a two day event and Friday night was when the preliminary presentations began. I stayed over three hours and still hadn't seen all the Elvis' contestants. Needless to say it was a great time. But, as much as a photo geek as I am, I had left my camera at the hotel and did not get a single Elvis picture. Quite disappointing, but maybe some of the other people from our crew will let me borrow one of theirs. So, on to today's ride.
We left Dewey Beach for a relatively short 63 mile jaunt to Pocomoke, MD. Its claim to fame is that it is the "friendliest city on the eastern shore". How that was determined I do not have a clue but it is posted on their city sign as one enters town. Therefore, I have to believe that it is, indeed, the friendliest town on the eastern shore. The weather was perfect for this ride. Wind came from the WNW which meant during the first 25 miles we would have a favorable wind. I was fortunate enough to get to ride with those who are deemed "big dogs". Many of our riders refer to them in this manner and hopefully they do not deem in insulting. They are called this because of the relatively quick pace at which they ride. I'm not sure I get the connection but I assume big dogs mean they are fast. Nevertheless, since the road was flat, the wind at our backs and not many picture opportunities, I rode with two of the "big dogs" to the SAG stop. I might be referred to as a big dog but I suspect it would be because of my size and not my speed. It should be noted that today's conditions are exactly like those back in Illinois that I use and train on every day. So, for me it was no big deal. The first part of the journey was south but we took an easterly turn and the wind was in our faces. I took my turn "pulling" with the big dogs to the SAG
Because of the pace, I missed the sign that we had entered Maryland so I missed a picture opportunity there. The roads we take do not normally have state line designations so I missed out on this one. It won't happen again. After the SAG stop, the roads reminded me again of Illinois. Then, at mile 47 we took a route that was another one of those highly forested areas that reminds one of the forest in the Wizard of Oz. What an enjoyable stretch of road. Not only was it smooth asphalt, the trees blocked the wind. And, to finish, we had a favorable wind into Pocomoke. All in all a good day to bike the East coast. Tomorrow we head into Virginia which will be our 9th state line crossing. Stay tuned.
To: Marsha Rae
Central Illinois Alzheimers Assn
606 w. Glen
Peoria, Il.
Note: Champ Walkers East Coast bike ride

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