Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Forsyth park-one of the 22 "squares" in Savannah
Example of Spanish moss on many trees in Savannah
Statue of Layfayette in square
British cannon from the Battle of Savannah
Bonadventure cemetery-soldiers of foreign war section
Unique head stone-I assume the deceased like to play piano
John the Baptist church-First Catholic church in Georgia after Oglethorpe (colonial founder) banned CAtholics when the colony was first established.
Now that's one big pumpkin
Savannah nightlife
Day 22
Total distance to date-Portland Maine to Savannah Georgia-1,340
Savannah-rest day
Today was our final rest day and we spent most of the time touring Savannah. Many sites to visit and so little time to do so. Pictures tell the story.

I always use rest days to thank those who have contributed to the Central Illinois Alzheimers Assn. Your contributions are appreciated and there is still time to contribute before my ride ends.

Because of the significance of Savannah to the history of the United States, todays shoutout goes to the Social Science department at East Peoria High School: Marty Green, Kevin Collins, Jenni Lamb, Zach Fleming and the rest of the department who arrived after I retired.

Marsha Rae
Central Illinois Alzheimer's Assn.
606 W. Glen
Peoria, Il
note-Champ Walker East Coast Ride

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  1. Champster!!!! Love the pics from rest day and the one with the little lady too. Still wishing I was on the ride. Send my hello's to the group.