Sunday, October 2, 2011

Entering Virginia
UMC near Oak Grove Virginia. Sign says-Oldest rRunning Sunday School in the United States
United Methodist Church of Oak Gorve Virginia-very quaint Tracy placing bikes on van for transport across Chesapeake Bridge
Day 12
weather-temp: 43-50 cold
wind-West 15-18 gusting
Today's 78 mile ride from Pocomoke, Md to Virginia Beach Virginia was very intriguing. We started in a rain, then it cleared up which was nice but by the end of the ride it started to drizzle. The temperature was a cool 43 degrees and the wind was out of the west at about 10 mph. The temperature barely moved into the low 50's and later in the ride, the wind increased to 15-20 mph from the west; a challenging cross wind. Now, for the casual observer this might appear not presenting much of a challenge for a group of experienced distance riders. WRONG!! We like favorable winds, temperatures between 72 and 78, and all downhill. (Except Jim of course). I was so cold after the SAG stop at mile 36 that I jumped on my bike and rode like a bat out of
a cave (Ha!) Even with a severe cross wind I churned between 17 and 18 mph. I think the group I usually ride with thought I was trying to get to be first where transportation were going to take us across Chesapeake bay. That was, indeed, not the case. I needed to work to get my body temperature up before I froze. So, the chase was on. It reminded me of the posse that chased me down during the cross country ride. When they finally caught up, six of us decided to do a "pace line". That means we all work together to fight the wind and it makes it easier for all. Each rider rides a mile at the front "pulling" the rest of the line through the wind. Then, after breaking off, the puller goes to the end of the line while the next rider pulls. It is very effective. In fact, Hank asked Tom " what do you call this pace line?". He meant this in biking terms. Tom, of course, said "a pace line." However, I called the pace line.......are you ready?........ Bruce!! Ha!
Participating in a pace coupled with poor weather conditions I did miss one photo op. Being from the North I have never seen an actual cotton field even though I have seen many pictures. One of our riders who lives in South Carolina thought it was no big deal and maybe it's like people taking pictures of a tractor in Illinois. However, if given the chance I will photograph a cotton field. Hopefully, tomorrows weather will improve but if not, it is what it is, and we will deal with it. It just add to the adventure. Our ride tomorrow takes us to the outer banks of North Carolina and Fish Kill NC.
Today's shout out goes to Al and Jenny Hays who have asked us the past few years to go to the outer banks with them.


  1. When the posse caught up to you, did they come in peace ?

  2. Yay- he said "posse" !!! --Karen N (Dalton #2 of the posse).