Friday, October 7, 2011

Our road through North Carolina for the first 50 miles-loved it
South Carolina state line
Giving a barracha
Our riding group, Tom, Chris, Hank, me, Bob and Bill the photographer
Day 15
Distance-109 miles
Weather-55-78 degrees
wind-NNE10-15 mph
Today's blog will be rather short. Our journey from Jacksonville NC to Little River SC was long without much opportunity for pictures. The first 50 miles were through pine forest on a nice paved relative traffic free roads. Then, the last 60 were on a 4 lane, divided highway with a 18 inch shoulder. Oddly enough, there are rumble strips on the 18 inch shoulder leaving no room for bikers. As a result, we had to ride on the road and that is quite an experience. I have ridden interstate highways in the Southwest that I felt far safer than these roads but for the most part, the motorists give us plenty of room. However, that was not always the case. A cement truck passed one of our rides so closely that the draft blew the rider into the grass.
Now for the good news. Again, as you can tell, we had a favorable wind all day. That is a real luxury. We averaged, over the last 30 miles, 21 mph and for the day averaged 18 mph. Now for all you Lance Armstrong types, that may not seem very fast but, for a bunch of old geezers, it's not bad. The group I ride with are in no hurry to get to our day's destination so me make stops every 20 miles of so to "take care of business". Tomorrow we ride 117 miles so that should prove to be very interesting. Enough for now.

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