Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"smallest church in America" hummm smaller than one in NY?
actual stained glass window in "smallest church"
A giant entering "smallest church in America"
We need one of these in Illinois
Day 22
Distance-82 miles
Weather-fog, cloudy 78 degrees
wind-5-10 SW
Our ride today took us from Savannah, GA to Brunswhch, GA for a total of 82 miles. The day started out with the three F's: fog, flat, frieght. A fog shroud covered the entire Savannah area and at times visibility was less that a mile. All blinking lights were turned on. It may not have been difficult for the bikers to see, but certainly the motorist vision was impaired. Then, after about 2 miles a freight train blocked out path. It took almost 15-20 minutes for the train to move from the crossing. And finally, 8 miles into the ride I had a puncture. Thankfully, it was a front tire and didn't take long to fix. From then on, the ride went smoothly except for a head wind we encountered half way into the ride. The good news is that our group formed a "pace line" which really helps in those conditions. From then on it was a rather uneventful experience. The scenery, however, did not change much. When we traveled from between to town it was trees and road and road and trees then trees and road. People often complain that when they travel through the midwest during summer it is mile after mile of corn and beans. One of the followers of this blog even mentioned the scenery was not as diverse as my cross country trip. I fully agree. It is what it is! The highlight of the trip was a stop at what is referred to as the smallest church in America. See above pic. Tomorrow we head bac to the ATLANTIC coast as we head into Florida and cross out 13th state line.

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