Sunday, October 9, 2011

Staff encouraged me to wear this hat saying I looked pretty. Whadda ya think?
Neat old church between Charleston and Beaufort. Met the paster. His name was Sachmo.

Typical view of today's last 40 miles. Look closely for hanging moss

Description of chuch ruins in prior photo
Day 17
Distance 80 miles
Weather-60-72 degrees
wind NNE 10-15 mph gusting to 20
Today's journey went from Charleston NC to Beaufort. After the first sag the scenery got more interesting. Overhanging trees covered with moss was the fare for most of the second part of the trip. The four lane busy road turned into a two lane with few cars. With the wind at our backs, it was a very nice cruise. Lets hope our good fortune with the wind continues. One of the visual highlights, in addition to the scenic road, was the remains of an old historic church (see pic). I would have stayed and explor he ruins more but when I stopped my bike, the mosquito's began to swarm and treated me like I was the afternoon meal. It was brutal so after a couple of pictures I was off. Another incident made me aware that not all the motorists are in love with bicycles on the roads. Shortly after I photographed the church ruins a truck began to pass. Not thinking about it much, the truck pulled beside me and just as he passed he gunned his engine. It turned out to be a diesel engine and a thick black smoke came from his exhaust pipe that was mounted behind the driver side door extending his cab roof. Ts so black I literally could not see the road. I shouldn't think ill of all the South Carolina red neck hillbillies because of the action of one but maybe so. Anyway, I'm sure he and his buddies had a good laugh. Anyway, all in all a very pleasant day. Tomorrow we ride to Savannah GA. but the weather looks dicey. Lets hope that it passes before we attempt the ride.
Since this is Sunday, I noticed that past Sundays I have taken pictures of churches. So today's SAG stop was in a church parking lot so the tradition continues.


  1. Great photos, including those with your big smile! Glad you are having a good trip along the ATLANTIC!! ;) Keep on livin' the dream!
    -Karen N

  2. u should wear that hat the rest of the ride!!! forget the helmet. -Eric