Monday, October 10, 2011

Beginning the day riding with Don(very strong rider) in the rain
Dinner in Savannah with the beautiful Veronica and good friends Carol and Hank
Savannah at night
Day 20
Distance 46 miles
Weather-60-72 degrees rain
wind NNE 15-20 mph
Our ride today takes us into Georgia from Beaufort NC to Savannah GA. A ride of only 46 miles.
Anyone looking for pictures that I usually take during the ride will be disappointed. Here's why. We started out in a steady rain. I don't take pictures when it is raining for obvious reasons. Well, maybe not so obvious. A wet camera gets ruined and stopping for pictures on the road in the rain is very dangerous. So, I will describe a good photo op I missed. As we traveled over a series of bridges (one bridge very dicey) the marshes near Beaufort were very picturesque. Use your imagination! When I say dicey, one particular bridge we had to ride on the sidewalk. It was narrow with a barrier on either side. Plus, the wind was howling from a cross wind direction. One mistake and the rider would either wind up in the river or fall into traffic. In addition, there was a pedestrian with a child in a baby carrier going in the opposite direction so we all came to a complete stop as she passed. Aren't we a courteous bunch? As far as the rain goes, the weather people predicted a 2 inch rainfall in Savannah. For once they were absolutely correct. Our steady rain in the morning turned into a light rain followed by a steady rain followed by a monsoon and just outside Savannah it stopped. Ahh, a nice way to enter Savannah. But, no such luck. After we crossed the bridge that enters Georgia, a steady rain began. When we arrived at out destination we were soaked even though we all wear rain gear.
Now for the good news. For the fourth day in a row we had prevailing tailwinds from the Northeast. On occasion they were gusting to over 20 mph. For myself, and I have stated this before, I really don't mind riding in the rain. Wet is wet and at some point I will get dry. But to have a wind at my back all day is a luxury. I could ride all day in wet weather if I had a tailwind. So there it is. A short ride, wet the entire time but a great wind at our backs.
More good news. Savannah is a rest day and I am really looking forward to visiting the historical sites. I am like a kid in a candy shop. This city has as much history as any on the East Coast. So, I suspect tomorrows blog will be mostly pictures.
Also, most of the people who use this blog site have indicated to me it is hard to for followers to leave comments. For some reason it is even hard for me to add comments so many have sent e-mails.


  1. to leave comments you have to be a "follower" of the blog, and select profile to anonymous... I don't think you guys should've waited for the woman and her child on that bridge!!! I mean, what makes them so special?! Now that child will expect everything to be handed to it for the remainder of it's life! haha

  2. correction... you have to hit preview and type in the word verification before you can post a comment

  3. You're absolutely correct. To teach that child and her mother a lesson we should have run them into the river. What was I thinking!!!