Monday, September 19, 2011

The rock was a little heavy but I managed to slide the guy off!!
Mountain Hibiscus for you floral enthusiast
Bay of Maine in background
Paul Bunyon statue-Largest of him in U.S.- Bangor, Maine
Tourist Monday. Okay, I admit it, even though this is the pre-trip ride through Maine, I became totally tourist today. After the ride from Newport to Bar Harbor, we all decided to take a (I know I will be ridiculed unmercifully) bus tour of Bar Harbor, Arcadia Park and Cadillac Mountain. It was decided that would be the best way to view all the attractions in this area. That makes us the ultimate "tourist" and I fully admit to that accusation . This is one of the most beautiful areas in this part of the country. It is inundated with history from Champlain and Lafayette who discovered and helped settle this part of Maine to the Rockefeller's who developed, settled and then donated much of this land to establish Arcadia national park. In fact, Arcadia National Park is the oldest national park east of the Mississippi River. The verandas it affords compares with any across the U.S. The only thing I could think of as we traversed the steep roads winding to the top of Cadillac Mountain was wondering how difficult it would be to bike up those roads. We saw a fair number of cyclist on these roads and it was a point of intrigue on my part. I suspect I could have biked up the steepest parts but I know it would have been difficult. Tomorrow we will take route 1a back to Newport avoiding the interstate and enjoying the little bergs along this stretch of road. I will then complete reassembling my bike for the beginning of the ride on Thursday.
I would like to give a shout out to the Tuesday morning breakfast group (Luke, Dulin, Les, John, Pat, Gary and any of the guest appearances) that meet. every Monday at the Galley and especially to Leslie the server who is the best employee at that establishment. Update tomorrow.


  1. OMG! I am so excited for you! I will be following you here and on FB!

  2. We did our cruise along the sea coast of ME. Our visit to Acadia National Park was less than stellar because of heavy fog. The bus didn't eve go up Cadillac Mtn. Because it was enveloped in clouds!

    How did you like the "cottages" right on the coast in Bar Harbor?

    Linda Mehnert