Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Horsing around at a SAG stop at the Orchard Lane Farm

Autumn near mums in full bloom

Workers repairing bridge from Irene damage- We had to walk the bikes as it was officially closed
Grovers Mill Pond--I don't see aliens
Day 7
Distance-80 miles
Weather-Overcast, rain
Temp. 75 ave. Wind-East 10-15 mph
Today's ride took us from Somerset Nj. to Hammonton, NJ a total of 80 miles. There was very little climbing and it was a nice ride with some great scenery. Now for a historical point. I am told that Hammonton, NJ. is the blueberry capital of the world. Until I was informed of that fact, I had always thought it was held by a small town, EKBA, in the Moldives. I have now been corrected. The day started out with a little drizzle then a steady rain began to fall.
While the east coast is rife with historical significance one of the today stops was of particular interest. This involved the infamous Orson Welles 1938 hoax radio broadcast; War of the Worlds. This particular fa broadcast brought general panic to many areas of the country. The area that the aliens were supposed to have landed is on the Grovers Mill Pond New Jersey about 10 miles from Princeton. I commented that of all places aliens would land this would probably not be a first choice. But who knows? I have it on good authority that aliens from Mars are pretty particular which parts of the U.S they invade. Anyway, it made for a good place to stop and photograph. Part of the ride reminded me of the western part of Indiana with stores along the way that offered an assortment of traditional autumn goods; fresh apples, pumpkins, mums etc. A great place for a sag stop. Now for the stroke of good luck. About 25 miles from our destination a slight rain started and we needed to stop for a "potty" break. We stopped at a small family owned restaurant called Cosmos to use their rest rooms. Unfortunately, they had a sign that said rest rooms were for "paying customers only". We decided it would be a good time for lunch so we stayed. Outside that "slight rain" turned into a virtual monsoon. It was a real "gully washer". Had we stayed on the road we would have been drenched and in fact it was so bad that one of our riders took shelter on someones porch. Good decision. By the time we finished our lunch the rain had passed and the last 25 miles were relatively uneventful. Tomorrow we ride to Dewey Beach Delaware.

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