Monday, September 26, 2011

Good use of stone on this Suffern house
Road washed out by Hurricane Irene
Placid lake in Bear Mountain Park. It looks like a Bob (happy trees) Ross painting
Site of Fort Clinton-Revolutionary War site near Saratoga. The turning of the War
This is Doug, from England. I think you all get the reference
Hudson River outside Bear Mountain Part
Bridge spanning Hudson River
Distance-53 miles
Weather-Morning: cool and foggy-65
Routes-Too many to list
Wow, today's ride was the best ride of the trip so far. After yesterday's 95 miler with a lot of climbing, today, while it was still quite hilly, the only major climb was a 2 miler going into Bear Mountain Park. That is a destination worth visiting again. Plus, the weather was absolutely perfect; not to hot, not to cool and no rain. And, with only 53 miles it made for a great day of riding. The pictures will tell the story. It's now becoming common that I take a wrong turn somewhere along the route. Second day in a row. Maybe I should pay closer attention to the route sheet. But the good news is that a helpful Suffern citizen assisted in me finding my destination. However, the route she game me included a mile of climbing that rivaled anything we did yesterday. But I finally made it. After the evening meal, I stopped in a establishment, Sutters Mill, to watch Monday Night football. That has always been one of my objectives on rides; to interact with the locals This time was no different. Ray the bartender, Jack and Howard sitting at the end of the bar became instant friends when they found out about my biking adventure. I got a lot of the local color of Suffern with a hard New York accent. I loved it.
Tomorrow we ride to Somerset NJ.

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