Thursday, September 29, 2011

Entering Deleware after ferry ride
Evening stroll on the Dewey Beach
Hey is that Leonardo DeCapra
View from ferry crossing Deleware Bay
Impending storm approaching
Excellent scenery on the ride through pine forest in New Jersey
Day 8
Weather-cool, cloudy, sunny,
wind-south 10-15 mph
Miles ridden to date-603
Our ride 80 mile ride from Hammonton, NJ to Dewey Beach Delaware began with roads that were long, flat, and straight. That's the good news. While the weather was a little cool and overcast we were looking forward to clearing skies and sun. Now for the dilema. We were to catch a ferry across Delaware Bay at about mile 70 into the ride. The ferry left the station at 11:00, 1:00 and 2:30. Many of the faster riders tried to make the 11:00. The group I ride with were trying for the 1:00 but would not be disappointed if we caught the 2:30 since we stop often for various reasons. Now here is the realization. We begin riding at 7:30. The faster riders would have to average over 20 mph to achieve this goal. Very optimistic. But if we tried for the 1:00 time the average speed would only be 14 mph. Quite doable. So the first 35 miles with a "pit stop" were done in about two an a half hours. After a 10 minute SAG stop at mile 36, Hank and I headed out before the rest of our group. So, here is where Karma sets in. About 15 minutes into the ride, it began to rain heavily. That did not deter us from our goal. As we turned south, we were met with a head wind of at least 15 miles per hour. That dropped our speed to about 14 mph. Our goal was still within reach. Then, after crossing a toll bridge, I got a flat tire. I told Hank to keep going and I would catch up but he stayed and helped fix the puncture. After the tire was repaired we still had time to make the ferry. About 18 miles from the ferry station while cruising through WildWood New Jersey I got another flat tire. We conceded we would not make the 1:00 time so we slowed down and enjoyed the rest of the ride at a more leisurely pace. In fact, the last 10 miles were with a tailwind. That's how Karma works. We were attempting to change our riding style that includes many stops, and not worrying when we got to our destination. Lesson learned! We arrived at the terminal in plenty of the to eat and catch the 2:30 transit.
On another point as the rain poured and the wind howled, we were actually riding parallel to the Jersey Shore (on the ATLANTIC). I was hoping to see Snookie or The Situation but they were no where to be found. Go figure.
One of the highlights of the ride was a 5-10 mile trek though what could be described as an enchanted forest. Pine trees and traffic free roads allowed us to really enjoy this part of the trip. When we finally arrived in Dewey Beach, I was pleased to discover our hotel is near the Atlantic Ocean (or Pacific or maybe even the Indian Ocean) and I enjoyed a casual walk on the beach. All in all an excellent ride. Dewey Beach is a well deserved rest day.
Today's shout out goes to Mr. Joe Metska and his classes at O'fallon High School. An excellent teacher and school. Good luck against ESL this Friday.


  1. Champ - you mention your hotel is near the Pacific Ocean....Probably the only time I will catch you on a geography thing, so I had to go for it. ;) -Karen N

  2. Then again, I guess 3,000 miles is kind of close. All a matter of perspective. -Karen N

  3. Ha! Karen, my vision is so keen I could actually see the Pacific from my hotel on the Atlantic. Writing the blog so late I'm surprised I didn't say the Indian Ocean. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.