Sunday, September 18, 2011

This is one of Hank's purchases
The lovely Veronica before embarking on a spending frenzy
Moose breath-How I felt this morning
Yes, a library in Cornila Maine
Pre ride tour through Maine. Today we traveled to Newport Maine and visited Hank's childhood summer camp at his grandparents house on the shore of Lake Otomomowa. On the way Ronni suggested we take a detour to Freeport and visit the L.L. Bean store. It is the main, original store and has been in existance for at least 90 years. That was one of the joys of today's travel; me sitting in the coffee shop while Ronni and Hank perused and purchased items from L.L. Bean. I couldn't have been more pleased! Ha! At least we don't have to pay shipping!!
After locating Hanks childhood retreat, the house was as he remembered it but was in quite a bit of disrepair do to lack of care by its current owners. But it evoked many memories from Hank during his childhood. We then drove to Cornila Maine stopping at other places of interest especially antique malls and a quintessential looking building that is currently a library. Ronni was mightily impressed. Our dining experience, so far, is typical food fare for this part of the country: seafood. Eateries do offer the regular assortment of non seafood items but I suspect the proprietors view it unseemly to order any of them. So, the fact I ordered a BLT for lunch, I suspect, upset the balance in the universe. I will be sure to not do that again as I fear the universal ramifications of such an action. Tomorrow we travel to Bangor to view a large statue of Paul Bunyon and onward to Bar Harbor.
On another note, the weather has been perfect. Mid 60's with virtually no wind. Lets hope that continues as the ride begins on Thursday.


  1. All I can say is that I am extremely jealous. I love lobster, LL Bean, and most of all, Bar Harbor...some great biking in Acadia park....
    Enjoy but as Jim said save a couple of those lobsters for the rest of us. Bob

  2. Please say hello to Ronnie for me!! I very much look forward to spending some time with y'all!!

    Teddy Herrera