Saturday, September 24, 2011

Conneticut welcome sign-recession limited their sign budget?
For all you librarians-Widnsor Locks Public Library

Devastated area outside Stafford. Our guess-Tornado
Stats-miles ridden 70
Weather-overcast wind at 10-15 southwest
Today's ride was 70 miles from Worcester to Windsor Locks CT. crossing another state line. The odd thing is that many of the riders consider it a "rest" day since we are only doing 70 miles. Ha! Very funny. The weather was supposed to be rainy again but aside from a little mist outside Stafford it was a a dry day. In fact, when we arrived at Windsor Locks the sun actually came out and it got hot and steamy. Lets hope that type of weather continues. The scenery was excellent as we rode through heavily wooded areas and small Connecticut towns. Unfortunately, I again didn't take many pictures. Tomorrow that will change. The most exciting part of the ride began near Hazard CT. It began with a very serious climb that never seemed to end. Needless to say I was in "granny" gear huffing and puffing all the way. Now for the yin/yang experience. From the top of the climb to the town of Hazard it was like a roller coaster. I attained 45 mph and I heard of others hitting 50. That's probably too fast, especially with all the traffic, but it was a blast. Hank had a flat tire coming down the hill but was able to stop without incident. That was very fortunate because of the amount of traffic and the speed factor. In fact he had two more before reaching Windsor Locks. With all the wet weather and amount of climbing it is playing havoc with many of the bikes. But, we have an excellent mechanic and he is doing a great job getting the bikes back into action. That's about it because tomorrow will be grueling so I need my rest. Today's shout out goes to Mr. Rich Burk. Good friend and excellent photographer.

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