Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Hankster making friends with locals during lunch
One of the many grand houses we passed in New Jersey
A view at the top of a serious climb looking back into the valley we just left.
Distance-64 miles
Weather=morning heavy fog-afternoon 80 degrees-hot at steamy
Today's ride took us from Suffern NY to Somerset NY. a total of 64 miles. There was still a bit of climbing as the grades went up to 12%. The good news, for me anyway, is that they were not very long, usually less that a mile. The route was mostly urban sprawl with no open space. Traffic was heavy most of the day even though we take state roads and county roads. I'm sure we angered more than a few motorists who could not pass us because on most of roads the shoulders were non-existent or minimal at best. In addition, there were many hills and curves which added to the passing dillema. While no one verbally assaulted us there were many who, as they went by, gunned their engines and passed with a minimum amount of room to show their disgust.
One of the disadvantages to this particular ride was that picture opportunities were rare. Therefore, I do not have as many to share, but I will do my best.
Now for a little history lesson. NO SLEEPING! THERE WILL BE A QUIZ!! Ironically enough, just before the trip began, I began reading a book (that's right, one with real pages that one must turn to continue reading) Thunderstruck. I t is a nonfiction book that tells the story of how Marconi invented and introduced the wireless radio wave. Well here is the irony. Somerset NJ is the place in America where, in 1913, Marconi put his transmission station to send his first radio broadcast to Europe. Too bad for him that the U.S. Navy absconded it in 1914 to use during WWI. That's about it for today's blog. More later.

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