Thursday, September 22, 2011

map of East Coast Ride
Arriving in Portsmouth-soaked to the skin
The riders at the start of the East Coast ride
The crew I rode with outside Kennebunkport Me

Beginning the ride
Stats: 70 miles
wind south 10-15 mph
routes-1, 9, a1a
Today we rode from Portland Me. to Portsmouth New Hampshire a total of 70 miles. If anyone is checking out the weather in the Northeast, you will know that we will have three days of rain. So, the questions is where does the rain in Maine fall. Obviously not on the plain. Shucks, even I know that. The correct answer is EVERYWHERE!! Now, to be perfectly honest, I don't object to riding in the rain. It has many advantages. First, I don't have to apply sunscreen. Secondly, I don't need a shower following the ride. (Okay that second reason doesn't really apply) The ride began at 7:30 and we were finished by 1:30. This included a SAG stop and a light lunch at a deli in Portsmouth. Now, the questions is why the early arrival time. The main reason is that because of all the precipitation, taking pictures was difficult. We started out in a virtual deluge then a slight drizzle followed by a steady but persistent rain. Our ride took us along the eastern coast of Maine. It is a scenic wonder with all the forested areas, beautiful mansions and long stretches of beach. Normally I would have taken pictures of the many beautiful mansions and seacoast views; especially in the town of Kennebunkport. As most of you know, that is the summer home of former president George Bush. We did take a group picture near there but the persistent downpour prevented more. So the arrival into our first stop was relatively early. The good news is that all body parts are functioning quite well (knock on wood). A good rest is in the near future as tomorrow we ride to Worster Mass. Stay tuned.


  1. Champ failed to mention calling out, "On your left!" as he whizzed by me like I was standing still. You're an animal, Champ!


  2. very funny jim. I will get my come uppance tomorrow