Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weather-62 degrees Wind WSW 8 mph

One of the truly perfect biking days of the year. Not to hot, not to windy, and not to rainy. Began a forty five mile trek. Aww, be careful of what might appear to be a perfect day. For the first time in awhile I was attacked by three dogs at different points of the ride. Maybe this nice weather fires up their attack juices. In fact, I had to actually squirt one with my water as he was right at my ankles and very aggressive. Then, I had a flat tire five miles from the end of the ride. Unfortunately, because I ride a loaner, I had no spare or CO2 cartridges. Aw, not to worry. I had my trusty cell phone. But, my usual rescue person, the lovely Veronica, was working, and could not come to get me. Aha, not to worry, I have many friends who stay glued to their cell phones in case I need rescuing so I started phoning. I tried three but unfortunately, non were to be reached. Their goes my theory! As I was trying a fourth, by cell phone battery died. You mean you're actually supposed to charge those things? Who woulda thunk? So, my only other option was to walk back to the homestead. After about a mile who should I see approaching? My friend Sal with his white stead to the rescue. Thanks to Sal and Patti for the help. What did I learn from this? From yesterday's post I believe the biking gremlins were getting even for what they perceived to be factious remarks about yesterday's weather. I have learned my lesson!. Fill in the blanks, you don't ____ on superman's cape, you don't ____into the wind, you don't pull the ______ off ole Lone Ranger and you certainly don't _____ with the biking gremlins!!!


  1. Personal Advertisement. /My I Ching studies. I can assure you, a thriller for Peers. Commons will not get a shit of it. /My Poetry.

    - Peter Ingestad, Sweden

  2. This really is deja vu all over again! In the summer of 2002, I rode (a Specialized Crossroads) nearly 3,000 miles across the northern tier of states, from Everett, Washington to Sharpsburg, Maryland. Details of that trip--including videos--are in the postings I made on my own blog during June of 2008.

    You are doing an excellent job of preparing for this trip, and I look forward to following it on your blog. Good luck, and be safe!
    ---Jim Kline

  3. I do not see you listed as a member of the Illinois Valley Wheelm'n, but let me extend our luck towards you and your cross-country journey! Please consider joining our fine organization when you get back from your adventure. Mike Honnold IVW Prez