Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is the last of my training blog entries. While the weather was quite nice the last two days, (great for biking) I was unable to take advantage of it because of all the preparation involved in a trip of this magnitude. The Peoria Journal Star, with editor Steve Stein, wrote an excellent article about my trip. I would have preferred to have the article written after I finish but I was convinced, by many, that something prior to the experience would allow those who wish to follow my exploits, the opportunity to do so. Now that the whole world knows, there is overwhelming pressure for me to succeed!! Yikes! Also, since I am supporting the Central Illinois chapter of the Alzheimers association, I hope to raise money and following my blog seems to be the best way to do this. More details Sunday when the ride begins.

Shoutouts-First, Joe Russell, Russells Cycle and Fitness Center, in Washington, and his staff have been an enormous help. Thanks it is much appreciated

Second-Kevin Collins 1st and 4th World History senior students. Your days in high school are coming to an end. These were the last group of students I taught before I retired. YOU SENIORS ROCK!!!

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