Saturday, December 1, 2012

So, it's Nov. 30-Dec. 1 and I'm still biking outside.  Global warning! Perhaps!! But it's still nice to get outside and ride the local roads in December.  Now the intrigue.  Biking yesterday, about 20 miles into the ride, I get a flat tire.  Not your normal slow leak flat but an out right blowout.  Normally not a problem.  I've changed many flats and am quite adept at doing so.  But, unfortunately it wasn't your normal flat.  My tire had worn down to the point that the tube came through the weakening and flatted.  My tire was toast!! Also, before the ride I knew the tire was not in good condition.  I thought I wouldn't be doing any more riding outside until spring so I didn't change it.  Upon inspection, before starting, I thought I had at least one more ride before changing tires.  No such luck.  And, because I had not brought a spare tire, I needed to call the lovely Veronica to come pick me up.  Thank goodness for cell phones and good reception.    But, all in all, it was still nice to ride in central Illinois in December outside as opposed to inside on a stationary. 


  1. Was the tire too gone to use a "boot?" Fold a dollar bill a couple of times and insert between the innertube and the tear in the tire. If it's a really, really big hole, use a twenty. :)

    You can also put an innertube patch on the inside of the tire.

  2. All great tips Jim. I actually used the bill trick and "boots" on the East Coast ride. You can probably figure the problem I ran into. While I always bring extra tubes and CO2 on my rides, of course, I didn't bring any money and my stash of tire boots were back at my house. You think I would have learned by now, especially at my advanced age.

  3. We hit freezing temps here (in Texas) over the weekend. Unless it warms up again, my bike may be tucked away until next year.