Thursday, November 15, 2012

Still biking outside even though the temperature hasn't reached 50 degrees.  But, its been sunny so it doesn't seem as cold. Haven't had any near misses to report which is unusual.  Maybe the drivers have automatically become more courteous to bikers.    
     On another note, Barbie who started her cross country ride with the 09 group and finished it in 2011 just got engaged.  No, it didn't take three years to do the ride, she did it in sections over a three year period.  I rode a day on the Iowa Rag Ride with her.  (see prior posts)   She is a fine young lady, an excellent bicyclist and I wish her the best. 
     The picture attached to this post was gleened from Al Newman, who sent it to the 09 group.  He was one of the cyclists in the 09 group.  The  caption was "when helmets make no sense". 

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