Thursday, May 24, 2012

From Mt Mingus-Car missing turn

Riding vicariously with the 2012 crossroads cross country group. I find it mildly amusing they are complaining about the searing heat of the Mohave and Sonora deserts. What were they expecting? I recall those days vividly. In fact, with all the appropriate precautions three of our riders were admitted to the emergency room to get re hydrated. Anyway, it will not be the last of the adventures they will endure on their trip. And, actually they are getting quite a tailwind the last few days unlike our experience of virtual headwinds most of the way. I am including a picture they took of a car that was trying to take a shortcut off Mt. Mingus. Fortunately and amazingly no one was injured especially the bikers it missed.
I know many people in the Midwest, and in our area particularly, lament the lack of rainfall.
But, for myself, it is great. No lawn moving and biking outside almost every day. Now, can it get better than that. I suspect not!! More later.

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