Tuesday, June 19, 2012

                                            Cyndi, Christopher, Me
                                                 Beginning of ride
Nice charity ride Sunday for environment and climate.  Cruising Chicago's Lake Shore Drive with son Christopher and friend Cyndy.  It was an excellent day for the ride but with so many riders every riding protocol that I'm familiar with was violated. This  includes, but is not limited to: riders with no helmets (when they were required), passing riders with no warning, texting while riding, using cell phone while riding, riding three abreast blocking the path, riding in opposite lane with oncoming bikes, and many others.  But, it wasn't very long (twenty five miles) and my concerns make me sound like a bike snob so I will focus on the positives.  Beautiful day, cool wind off the lake, and riding with great people followed by lunch and re hydrating at local German restaurant.  Eat your heart out Harry!!