Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rode my first "century" of the year. Never did my 100 miler this early but Wednesday was a perfect day to ride 100 miles. The weather people predicted a NNW wind which meant I would have a tailwind the entire route. The temperature was in the high 50's. As usual I planned on riding from my house in Washington to Champaign for a total of 101.5 miles. Before leaving I stopped for a few supplies from the local bike shop. When I informed them I was riding to Champaign, Bob said "the wind must be blowing hard from the WNW". The implication was clear. When riding that distance I always need a tailwind, thus, I was a "wuss". Well, he is absolutely correct. I am, indeed, a "wuss" because I have ridden with the wind and I have ridden against the wind and I prefer to ride with the wind. I guess that makes me a "wuss". However, karma was to play it's hand today. Instead of the wind being NNW, as was predicted by all of the prognosticators, it actually blew from the ENE which meant I had a cross wind or a quartering head wind. I did not have a tailwind the entire 100 miles. Now, I realize the implication of riding that distance in April. It was very close to April 15 so karma made the ride very "taxing"......get it. Ha, Ha, no more "wuss".
On another note, the Hankster called while I was on today's ride. When I finished, I called him back. His wife, the lovely Carol, is going to be on the support staff for this year's cross country adventure. She is a wonderful woman and joined the support staff on the East Coast ride. She did an amazing job so I know she will be great for this year's trip. I am trying to convince Hank to meet us in Champaign as the 2012 group goes through in early June but he indicated he may have other plans. Regardless, I plan on seeing Carol when they arrive. Ronni and I will take her out for a nice meal at one of our favorite eating establishments. Looking forward to seeing her and hopefully Hank will be able to join us. For those folks riding the 2012, your adventure begins in less than a month. Good luck and I will be following your journal entries.