Sunday, March 13, 2011

The weather is getting a bit better for outside riding. Even though the temperature was mid 40's I did a 40 mile ride. The wind was a moderate 10 mph from the south so that wasn't much of a factor. I was glad I hadn't lost much over the winter in terms of conditioning since I was close to my usual time for that distance. It looks like the upcoming week will provide more days outside. It's supposed to hit the 60's by mid week.
It is official. After exchanging e-mails with Hank and he indicated he was going to do the ride, I signed up for the ride from Maine to Florida in September. While it ends in Datona Beach, I plan on riding all the way to Key West. While that is tentative right now, it is in the planning stage. It looks like about half of the 09 riders are going to do the journey. It should be a blast.
Also, Harry is coming to the states in June and we plan on riding with Barbie from Champaign to Crawsfordsville and maybe Indy. We'll see. Looking forward to the adventures!

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