Monday, April 11, 2011

Ahhh. Finally a week where riding outside is not a constant battle with the weather conditions. Back into training for the East Coast Ride. Currently riding 35-40 miles a day but last Wednesday I got to "feelin frisky" and did a 60 mile jaunt to Leroy. My usual watering hole was open so I could replenish "vital fluids". This is a picture of Doris, the owner. Her tavern was a regular stop during my training days before the big cross country ride.

On a more somber note, Fred, one of our group of cross country riders died on April first. Oddly enough it was not a biking accident, rather, he was cutting down a tree and it fell on him. His wife Susan informed the 09 group of the accident. Our sympathies are with Susan and the family on their loss.

I haven't heard from Hank in awhile but I assume he is signed up for the East Coast Ride. Also, Teddy Herrera, whom I wrote of in earlier blogs, has finished his ride. He started in Sacramento CA. rode to Boston, then to Miami Fl. throughout the south to LA and back to Sacramento. 11,000 miles. I met him in East Peoria at a breakfast place, he stayed at our house for the night and I rode with him to Metamora to get him on track to go to Chicago. It looks like he is using that experience to promote awareness of childhood obesity. I wish him luck and will probably keep in contact with him. Here is an interview with him at the local Sacramento TV station. Enjoying the weather and will keep up to date on the East Coast ride. __Winning!!!


  1. The sign says, "Busch." Couldn't you find a Bud Lite?

    A little early to prepare for ES11. Don't peak too early.

  2. Jim, you're right. Got to be careful to not peak early but when the weather co-operates it was tough not push it a bit.