Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday today. Several people suggested I ride my age today. I did and it is was quite a long ride. I know some of the followers of this blog will suggest I rode a century!! Very funny. Not quite. However, I did ride a century last Friday. This is my second 100 mile ride this summer. I again rode to Champaign but this time it was to attend my class reunion. And, no again, it wasn't my 100th year reunion. Do they still have those? I doubt it. Anyway, I only made one stop in Bloomington. At the grocery store/gas station, while paying for my Gatorade and powerbar, the clerk asked if I purchased gas. I was mildly amused since I still had my biking helmet, biking gloves and spandex on. My assumption was the clerk could tell I was riding my bicycle but apparently not. In his defense, I imagine that response is so ingrained in his speech pattern it was a natural thing to ask. Nevertheless, I still found it amusing. This is the first time I only stopped once during a 100 mile ride. And, with a cross/tailwind it was the fastest I had ridden this route. I averaged 20.1 mph. While that might seem average to many, I had never ridden so fast for so long. I doubt I will attempt this again, especially at my advanced age.
The picture I post with this entry is my second grade school picture. Many followers are wondering if they, in fact, had cameras back in those days. Again, very funny!!! Enough ranting for now. More later.


  1. The next time you are in a McDonalds, order French fries. It's highly probable you will be asked, "Do you want fries with that?"

    Happy birthday; here's wishing you many more.


  2. Thanks Jim. I thought the only people using the "Do you want fries with that" were college graduates with a degree in Philosophy!!

  3. Hey, for an old man 20 mph average is pretty darned good - even with a t-wind. And what's with this "college graduates with a degree in Philosophy" all about?